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Constructing Grounded Theory (introducing Qualitative Methods Series)

Lecturers, appeal your cyberbanking inspectioncopy

Lecturers, appeal your cyberbanking inspectioncopyKathy Charmaz presents the absolute adviser to accomplishing groundedtheory from a constructivist perspective. This additional copy ofher groundbreaking argument retains the accessibility and amore ofthe aboriginal copy whilst introducing acid bend examples andpractical tips.

GMOs, Consumerism and the Global Politics of Biotechnology: Rethinking Food, Bodies and Identities in Africa's 21st Century

English | 2017 | ISBN: 9956762350 | 264 Pages | PDF | 6.4 MB

Despite sustained continental and national struggles for autonomy, sovereignty and independence in postcolonial Africa, the continent is increasingly embattled by the forces of globalisation which threaten African identity that is at the core of African struggles for continental and national unity. Situating the debates in the con

Education and Globalization in Southeast Asia: Issues and Challenges

English | 2017 | ISBN: 9814762903 | 202 Pages | PDF | 6.7 MB

Prior to the era of globalization, education in Southeast Asia was viewed in the context of the national state and it was deployed in the service of state and nation-building and national economic development. States monopolized education, and public-funded centralized education systems were established to teach literacy, transmit

To Fight Against This Age: On Fascism And Humanism

In "The Eternal Return of Fascism," Rob Riemen explores the theoretical weakness of fascism, which depends on a backroom of resentment, the activation of acrimony and fear, xenophobia, the need for scapegoats, and its abhorrence of the activity of the mind. He draws on history and aesthetics as able-bodied as the essays and novels of Thomas Mann and Albert Camus to explain the a

Between Politics and Antipolitics: Thinking About Politics After 9/11 (Political Philosophy and Public Purpose)

English | 24 Aug. 2016 | ISBN: 1137603771 | 312 Pages | PDF | 2.45 MB

This book traces a dialectic relationship between politics and antipolitics, the first, as used here, being akin to philosophy as an activity of open inquiry, plural democracy, and truth-finding, and the latter in the realm of ideology, technocracy, and presupposed certainties. It returns back to the emergence of a New Le

Who Rules America? The Triumph Of The Corporate Rich

Blending calm class, organizational, and institutionalperspectives, forth with a advanced ambit of different new empiricalinformation the columnist has assembled,

Blending calm class, organizational, and institutionalperspectives, forth with a advanced ambit of different new empiricalinformation the columnist has assembled,Who Rules America?

Who Rules America? isan

Stop the Rot: Reframing Governance for Directors and Politicians

by Bob Garratt
English | 2017 | ISBN: 1783537663 | 341 Pages | PDF | 16 MB

Following the international success of The Fish Rots from the Head: Developing Effective Directors, this sequel from Bob Garratt explains the public's distrust of the people who govern us - the directors, owners, regulators and politicians - and how this can be changed.

Currently, Corporate Governance is t