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Justin, Philosopher and Martyr: Apologies (Oxford Early Christian Texts)

English | 2009 | ISBN: 0199542503 | PDF | 356 Pages | 16.7 mb

Justin Martyr (c.100-165) was one of the key apologists of the Early Church. Oxford Early Christian Texts presents a new critical edition of the Greek text of the Apologies with introduction, English translation, and textual commentary.
Editors Denis Minns and Paul Parvis take a searching look at the text transmitted by th

Gregory of Nyssa: Homilies on the Beatitudes: An English Version with Commentary and Supporting Studies. Proceedings of the Eighth International ... (English, French, German and Italian Edition)

English | 2000 | ISBN: 9004116214 | PDF | 714 Pages | 34.1 mb
These proceedings present the first English translation of Gregory's Homilies on the Beatitudes by Stuart Hall, accompanied by a thorough commentary by Anthony Meredith, Andreas Spira, Francoise Vinel, Lucas Mateo-Seco, Thomas Bohm, Karl-Heinz Uthemann, Claudio Moreschini, and Robert Wilken. Eight more contributions by Monique Alexan

Reading the Bible in Ancient Traditions and Modern Editions: Studies in Memory of Peter W. Flint (Early Judaism and Its Literature 47)

2017 | ISBN-10: 088414254X | 638 Pages | PDF | 4 MB

A collection of essays commemorating the career contributions of Peter W. Flint

An international group of scholars specializing in various disciplines of biblical studies, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, Septuagint, Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, Second Temple Judaism, and Christian Origins, present twenty-seven new contributions that

Transitivity-Based Foregrounding in the Acts of the Apostles: A Functional-Grammatical Approach to the Lukan Perspective (Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement)

2000 | 201 Pages | ISBN: 1841271640 | PDF | 10.4 MB

This study of the language of Acts is based on M. A. K. Halliday's functional grammar, which offers a theory based on linguistic choices and the effects they have on readers or hearers. Interacting with selected interpretations from, among others, C.K. Barrett, Ben C. Witherington, Jerome Neyrey, Jacob Jervell and John Lentz, Mart��n-A

Making Sense in (and of) the First Christian Century (The Library of New Testament Studies)

2000 | 275 Pages | ISBN: 1841271241 | PDF | 13.5 MB

The first Christian century must be approached with careful attention to its cultural and linguistic heterogeneity. It should not simply be assumed that this past 'is a different place, they do things differently there'. Downing treats the ways in which early Christians tried to 'make things make sense' within their cultures, noting both t

Time, Religion and History free ebook

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Time, Religion and History

English | 2007 | ISBN: 0582784522 | PDF | 304 Pages | 1.5 mb

What is time? How does our sense of time lead us to approach the world? How did the peoples of the past view time? This book answers these questions through an investigation of the cultures of time in Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and the Australian Dreamtime. It argues that our contemporary world is blind as to the si

The Coming Epiphany free ebook

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The Coming Epiphany

2017 | 298 Pages | ISBN: 1430313838 | PDF | 2.6 MB

Your Guide To Understanding End Times Bible Prophecy The end of the world is fast approaching! Do you know what is going to happen and when? The Coming Epiphany takes a broad and comprehensive look at the end times through the eyes of scripture and explains to the reader the events that are going to occur in an easy to understand format. Wh