Noah And His Book(s) (early Judaism And Its Literature)

In a collection of original essays, this book offers new insights on the question of the lost book of Noah, as well as studies of Noah's figure in postbiblical literature. It focuses on ancient Jewish literature, including the Septuagint, the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Philo, Josephus, and rabbinic literature, but Christian sources, especially Christian iconog

Protestant Missions And Local Encounters In The Nineteenth And Twentieth Centuries (studies In Christian Mission)

This book makes visible an important but largely neglected aspect of Christian missions: its transnational character. An interdisciplinary group of scholars present case-studies on missions and individual missionaries, unified by a common vision of expanding a Christian Empire to the ends of the world. Examples range from Madagascar, South-Africa, Palestine, Turkey, Tibet, Germany, Norway

Reconsidering Eusebius (supplements To Vigiliae Christianae)

Over the last decades, Eusebius has been the focus of a great deal of attention. New light has been shed both on his writings and on his personality, which has led to a welcome re-assessment of his significance. As a result, he is no longer perceived as a mere compiler but as a powerful author who largely contributed to the construction of the orthodox Church's triumphalism. This volu

The Enoch Factor: The Sacred Art Of Knowing God free ebook

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The Enoch Factor: The Sacred Art Of Knowing God

Never before has this countryindeed this worldfaced such a need for a book that unites people, a book that reassures those disillusioned by faith that they can navigate their way back to God and even experience a profound spiritual awakening. For author and entrepreneur Steve McSwain, such an epiphany transformed his life. In The Enoch Factor, readers discover a kindred spirit in an autho

Apology For Origen: With On The Falsification Of The Books Of Origen By Rufinus (fathers Of The Church Patristic Series)

Presented here for the first time in English translation (from Rufinus's Latin version) is the Apology for Origen, the sole surviving work of St. Pamphilus of Caesarea (d. 310 AD), who was one of the most celebrated priest-martyrs of the ancient Church. Written from prison with the collaboration of Eusebius (later to become the bishop of Caesarea), the Apology attempts to refute accus