Sharpshooting Rifles Of The American Civil War: Colt, Sharps, Spencer, And Whitworth (weapon)

At the outset of the American Civil War, the Union Army's sharpshooters were initially equipped with the M1855 Colt revolving rifle, but it was prone to malfunction. Instead, the North's sharpshooters preferred the Sharps rifle, an innovative breech-loading weapon capable of firing up to ten shots per minute - more than three times the rate of fire offered by the standard-issue Sp

Offensive Countermeasures: The Art Of Active Defense

Tired of playing catchup with hackers? Does it ever seem they have all of the cool tools? Does it seem like defending a network is just not fun? This books introduces new cyber-security defensive tactics to annoy attackers, gain attribution and insight on who and where they are. It discusses how to attack attackers in a way which is legal and incredibly useful.

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The Gun Digest Book Of Rimfire Rifles Assembly/disassembly

-Huge cost saver for DIY hobby gunsmiths and aspiring smiths

-Series recognition -- the most comprehensive assembly/disassembly guides on the market

-Delivers complete takedown instructions for 12 more patterns (74 rifles in all) -- for a great price

Firearms enthusiasts subscribed to "do-it-yourself" theories long before it became the hot tre

Submarine: An Anthology of First-hand Accounts of the War Under the Sea, 1939-45

Submarine' is almost certainly the first book to bring together eye-witness accounts from almost every navy that deployed submarines in WW2, and it is far more than an account of WW2 missions. With self-deprecating modesty, humour, pride, sadness and sometimes bitterness, submariners from Britain, Germany, the USA, Italy, France, the former USSR and Yugoslavia, Norway, Greece, P