Proceedings of the 3rd International Gas Processing Symposium, Volume 3: Qatar, March 2012 (Advances in Gas Processing)

Publication Date: July 3, 2012 | ISBN-10: 0444594965 | ISBN-13: 978-0444594969 | Edition: 1 Natural gas continues to be the fuel of choice for power generation and feedstock for a range of petrochemical industries. This trend is driven by environmental, economic and supply considerations with a balance clearly tilting in favor of natural gas as both fuel and feedstock. Despite the recent global e

The Microeconomic Growth free ebook

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The Microeconomic Growth

This book primarily discusses what could make the economy remain stable and increase the level of coordination, both on the demand and supply side, a fascinating question for economists. In this context, it systematically analyzes the theory of consumption and production growth. Most of the existing economic growth theories fail to analyze consumption growth. That oversight is remedied here, great

Brooks/Cole Empowerment Series: Psychopathology: A Competency-Based Assessment Model for Social Workers

Publication Date: April 24, 2012 | ISBN-10: 0840029152 | ISBN-13: 978-0840029157 | Edition: 3 Written by social workers, PSYCHOPATHOLOGY views mental disorders through the strengths-perspective. It is unique in its ability to summarize the current state of knowledge about mental disorders and applies a competency-based assessment model for understanding psychopathology. Complete with detailed and

Environmental Water: Advances in Treatment, Remediation and Recycling

The world is facing a drinking water crisis. Besides continuous population growth, uneven distribution of water resources and periodic droughts have forced scientists to search for new and effective water treatment, remediation and recycling technologies. Therefore, there is a great need for the development of suitable, inexpensive and rapid wastewater treatment and reuse or conservation methods.

Health Psychology, 2nd Edition free ebook

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Health Psychology, 2nd Edition

Are you looking for a Health Psychology book that will draw students in immediately? Written with enthusiasm, candor, and a healthy dose of humor, Catherine Sandersons Health Psychology, Second Edition provides a thorough, research-based review of all the major topics, theories, and issues in health psychology. Coverage includes health behaviors (e.g., smoking, eating, exercise, alcohol use), mana