Maximus The Confessor: Jesus Christ And The Transfiguration Of The World (christian Theology In Context)

This study contextualizes the achievement of a strategically crucial figure in Byzantium's turbulent seventh century, the monk and theologian Maximus the Confessor (580-662). Building on newer biographical research and a growing international body of scholarship, as well as on fresh examination of his diverse literary corpus, Paul Blowers develops a profile integrating the two princip

Cathedrals Of Britain (shire Library) free ebook

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Cathedrals Of Britain (shire Library)

Cathedrals are awe-inspiring buildings. Most are grand medieval structures, while others appear simple and unpretentious yet all were designed to reflect the glory of God and have a profound impact on us. As trailblazers of architectural development, each cathedral has distinct individual features such as the powerful Norman Romanesque west towers of Durham, the unique octagonal tower at

Launching The War On Poverty: An Oral History (oxford Oral History Series)

Head Start, Job Corps, Foster Grandparents, College Work-Study, VISTA, Community Action, and the Legal Services Corporation are familiar programs, but their tumultuous beginning has been largely forgotten. Conceived amid the daring idealism of the 1960s, these programs originated as weapons in Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty, an offensive spearheaded by a controversial new government

King Potatau: An Account Of The Life Of Potatau Te Wherowhero, The First Maori King (polynesian Society Memoir)

This book details the background to the Kingitanga and also tells the story of the first king, Potatau Te Wherowhero. It details all the momentous events of Te Wherowhero's life from around 1775 to his death in 1860, including his status as Lord of the Waikato and the famous battles and conflicts with other tribes, his raising up as the First Maori King, and Mana Motuhake, the Maori K

Iraq And The Use Of Force In International Law free ebook

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Iraq And The Use Of Force In International Law

The prohibition of the use of force is one of the most crucial elements of the international legal order. Our understanding of that rule was both advanced and challenged during the period commencing with the termination of the Iran-Iraq war and the invasion of Kuwait, and concluding with the invasion and occupation of Iraq. The initial phase was characterized by hopes for a functioning co

Tradition And Transformation. Egypt Under Roman Rule (culture And History Of The Ancient Near East)

In 30 BCE, Egypt became a province of the Roman empire. Alongside unbroken traditions - especially of the indigenous Egyptian population, but also among the Greek elite - major changes and slow processes of transformation can be observed. The multiethnical population was situated between new patterns of rule and traditional lifeways. This tension between change and permanence was investig