Software Engineering, Global Edition free ebook

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Software Engineering, Global Edition

English | 2016 | ISBN: 1292096136, 9781292096131 | 811 Pages | True PDF | 11.44 MB

The Tenth Edition contains new information that highlights various technological updates of recent years, providing students with highly relevant and current information. Sommerville's experience in system dependability and systems engineering guides the text through a traditional plan-based approach that inc

Wireless Communication Networks and Systems free ebook

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Wireless Communication Networks and Systems

English | February 6, 2015 | ISBN: 0133594173 | PDF | 608 Pages | 18.4 MB

For courses in wireless communication networks and systems

A Comprehensive Overview of Wireless Communications

Wireless Communication Networks and Systems covers all types of wireless communications, from satellite and cellular to local and personal area networks. Organized into four easily comprehensibl

More Wire Antenna Classics - Vol. 2 free ebook

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More Wire Antenna Classics - Vol. 2

2002 | ISBN: 0872597709 | English | 188 Pages | PDF | 57.7 MB

Now you can enjoy even MORE wire antennas! This book is filled with innovative designs from the pages of QST and other ARRL publications. Experience the satisfaction and enjoy the benefits of building your own wire antennas.
Inside, you'll find more than just creative ideas. These versatile antennas work: Dipoles, Off-Center-F

This Week: Data Center Deployment with EVPN/VXLAN free ebook

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This Week: Data Center Deployment with EVPN/VXLAN

English | 30 Aug. 2017 | ASIN: B0758K5411 | 551 Pages | MOBI | 16.82 MB

Deepen your understanding of all the implementation aspects of using EVPN/VXLAN for data center deployments.
This Week: Data Center Deployment with EVPN/VXLAN provides readers with a structured understanding of EVPN/VXLAN technology concepts and how they are implemented. The book includes detailed configuration e

Fermi Surface And Quantum Critical Phenomena Of High-temperature Superconductors (springer Theses)

This thesis provides a detailed introduction to quantum oscillation measurement and analysis and offers a connection between Fermi surface properties and superconductivity in high-temperature superconductors. It also discusses the field of iron-based superconductors and tests the models for the appearance of nodes in the superconducting gap of a 111-type pnictide using quantum oscillati

Advanced Discrete-time Control: Designs And Applications (studies In Systems, Decision And Control)

This book covers a wide spectrum of systems such as linear and nonlinear multivariable systems as well as control problems such as disturbance, uncertainty and time-delays. The purpose of this book is to provide researchers and practitioners a manual for the design and application of advanced discrete-time controllers.The book presents six different control approaches depending on the t

Low-dimensional And Nanostructured Materials And Devices: Properties, Synthesis, Characterization, Modelling And Applications (nanoscience And Technology)

This book focuses on the fundamental phenomena at nanoscale. It covers synthesis, properties, characterization and computer modelling of nanomaterials, nanotechnologies, bionanotechnology, involving nanodevices. Further topics are imaging, measuring, modeling and manipulating of low dimensional matter at nanoscale. The topics covered in the book are of vital importance in a wide range o