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Words upon the Word: An Ethnography of Evangelical Group Bible Study (Qualitative Studies in Religion )

Evangelical Bible study groups are the most prolific type of small group in American society, with more than 30 million Protestants gathering every week for this distinct purpose, meeting in homes, churches, coffee shops, restaurants, and other public and private venues across the country. What happens in these groups? How do they help shape the contours of American Evangelical life? While more

The Perfect Rule of the Christian Religion: A History of Sandemanianism in the Eighteenth Century

Some thought them dangerous, others credited them with recovering original Christianity. The Sandemanians, a sect with roots in the turmoil of eighteenth-century Scottish Presbyterianism, espoused a radical theology that influenced the development of American Christianity. Founder John Glas blended elements of fundamentalist New Testament Christianity with Enlightenment philosophy to create what h

Women and the Word: Contemporary Women Novelists and the Bible

Women and the Word examines why, in today's secular society, so many of the finest British and American women novelists seem preoccupied with Biblical themes and stories. It offers informed and challenging analysis of individual novels and stories for the literary critic and student. By analysing those texts in the context of myth and religion, however, it also makes an important and ground

The Secular Spectacle: Performing Religion in a Southern Town

Tracing the religious history of Siler City, North Carolina, Chad E. Seales argues that southern whites cultivated their own regional brand of American secularism and employed it, alongside public religious performances, to claim and regulate public spaces. Over the course of the twentieth century, they wielded secularism to segregate racialized bodies, to challenge local changes resulting from c

Christianity and the Social Crisis in the 21st Century: The Classic That Woke Up the Church

The 100th Anniversary Edition of the Classic That Changed the American Church Forever

Published at the beginning of the twentieth century, Christianity and the Social Crisis is the epoch-making book that dramatically expanded the church’s vision of how it could transform the world. The 100th anniversary edition updates this classic with new

The Faithful: A History of Catholics in America

Shaken by the ongoing clergy sexual abuse scandal, and challenged from within by social and theological division, Catholics in America are at a crossroads. But is today’s situation unique? And where will Catholicism go from here? With the belief that we understand our present by studying our past, James O’Toole offers a bold and panoramic history of the American Catholic laity.