Organic Syntheses Based On Name Reactions, Third Edition: A Practical Guide To 750 Transformations

Organic Syntheses Based on Named Reactions is an indispensable reference companion for chemistry students and researchers. Building on Hassner & Stumer’s highly regarded 2e, this new work reviews 750 reactions, with over 100 new stereoselective and regioselective reactions. Each A-Z entry provides a carefully condensed summary of valuable information that a chemist needs to unde

Multiporphyrin Arrays: Fundamentals And Applications

This book provides a comprehensive review of the fundamentals and applications of multiporphyrin arrays ranging from basic spectroscopic features to a wide range of promising applications such as molecular wires, switches, sensors, artificial photosynthetic devices, and dye-sensitized solar cells based on a variety of multiporphyrin architectures using covalent and/or noncovalent molecula

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Antiviral Drug Strategies

Books printed in the fifteenth century have been the subject of much in-depth research. In contrast, the beginning of the sixteenth century has not attracted the same scholarly interest. This volume brings together studies that charter the development of printing and bookselling throughout Europe during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It presents new research and analysis on the

Les Cours De Paul Arnaud - Cours De Chimie Organique - 19e Edition: Cours Avec 350 Questions Et Exercices Corriges

Ce cours de rfrence est conu pour les tudiants des Licences Sciences de la Matire ou Sciences de la Vie et des filires Sant qui dbutent dans la chimie organique. Il intressera galement les candidats au Capes Physique et Chimie. Aucune connaissance pralable en chimie organique nest ncessaire. Le cours fournit les bases essentielles connatre en chimie organique (structure des molcules, nome

A Novel Heme-thiolate Peroxygenase Aaeapo And Its Implications For C-h Activation Chemistry (springer Theses)

In this thesis, Xiaoshi Wang investigates the function and mechanism of a newly discovered heme-thiolate peroxygenase, AaeAPO. This enzyme class comes from Agrocybe aegerita and is used in the conversion of inert hydrocarbons to alcohols. Xiaoshi's work focuses on an extracellular P450 enzyme which is not limited in its stability and lack of solubility and therefore is relevant for wi

Bonding In Electron-rich Molecules: Qualitative Valence-bond Approach Via Increased-valence Structures (lecture Notes In Chemistry)

This second edition was updated to include some of the recent developments, such as increased-valence structures for 3-electron-3-centre bonding, benzene, electron conduction and reaction mechanisms, spiral chain O4 polymers and recoupled-pair bonding. The author provides qualitative molecular orbital and valence-bond descriptions of the electronic structures for primarily electron-rich m

Surface Chemistry And Macroscopic Assembly Of Graphene For Application In Energy Storage (springer Theses)

This PhD thesis presents the latest findings on the tunable surface chemistry of graphene/graphene oxide by systematically investigating the tuning of oxygen and nitrogen containing functional groups using an innovative carbonization and ammonia treatment. In addition, novel macroscopic assemblies or hybrids of graphene were produced, laying the theoretical foundation for developing graph