Zwischen Hollywood Und Bollywood: Das Autorenkino Mira Nairs

Lisa Marie Gadatsch liefert mit dieser Knstlermonographie eine erste umfassende Studie des filmischen Gesamtwerks der indisch-amerikanischen Regisseurin Mira Nair. Nairs Filme changieren zwischen Arthousekino, Hollywood und Weltkino und reflektieren den vielschichtigen kulturellen Hintergrund der Ausnahmeregisseurin. Die Autorin stellt die kulturellen Kontraste, Referenzen und Ambivalenzen

Affect And Belonging In Contemporary Spanish Fiction And Film: Crossroads Visions

This book brings together recent Spanish fictions and films that point to individualism as the root problem driving diverse circumstances of social, economic, and psychological suffering in the present and recent past. The works privilege sensation, movement, and emotionrather than identityas the core elements of existential experience. However, the works also problematize notions of inte

The Sci-fi Movie Guide: The Universe Of Film From Alien To Zardoz

Once upon a time, science fiction was only in the future. It was the stuff of drive-ins and cheap double-bills. Then, with the ever-increasing rush of new, society-altering technologies, science fiction pushed its way to the present, and it busted out of the genre ghetto of science fiction and barged its way into the mainstream. What used to be mere fantasy (trips to the moon? Wristwatch

Two Bicycles: The Work Of Jean-luc Godard And Anne-marie Mieville

Jean-Luc Godard and Anne-Marie Miville are among the most important postwar filmmakers they have worked across forms, across media, and across countries. This book, the first to be devoted specifically to the work they did together, examines the way they expanded the possibilities of cinema by using cutting-edge video equipment in a constant search for a new kind of filmmaking. Two Bicycl

The Cinematic Vr Formula: A Beginner's Guide To Creating Virtual Reality Movies

The best way to learn how to make VR movies is to create them! This book is a step by step guide for aspiring Virtual Reality movie makers. In 10 brief levels you will learn about: funding, story, projection techniques, spatial sound, VR preproduction, production, and postproduction and many more things. This book focuses on principles rather than the latest VR gadgets. It is an addon to

San Francisco Noir free ebook

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San Francisco Noir

Following in the footsteps of classic films like The Maltese Falcon and The Lady from Shanghai, veteran photographer Fred Lyon creates images of San Francisco in high contrast with a sense of mystery. In this latest offering from the photographer of

Following in the footsteps of classic films like The Maltese Falcon and The Lady from Shanghai, veteran photographer Fred Lyon cre

Columbia Noir: A Complete Filmography, 1940-1962 free ebook

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Columbia Noir: A Complete Filmography, 1940-1962

This filmography covers Columbia Pictures' noir titles released in the classic noir era, October 1940 to June 1962. All sub-genres are covered including British, western and science fiction. Included are the great Columbia films Gilda, Lady from Shanghai, All the Kings Men, In a Lonely Place, On the Waterfront, Anatomy of a Murder and Experiment in Terror. The films are examined in de